Adding RAINBOW FLAG to Unicode

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Jul 2 14:09:15 CDT 2015

Ken Whistler <kenwhistler at att dot net> wrote:

> The UTC is neither responsible for nor interested in a "standard way
> to encode flags unambiguously".
> [...]
> The Unicode Standard is not a vexillology standard -- nor will it ever
> be. It is a standard for the encoding and interchange of characters.

Even though I continue to believe there *should* be a vexillology
standard for encoding flags as unambiguously as practicable, I'm in
strong agreement that this is not a Unicode problem, or a character
problem, or even a CLDR problem.

If there were such a standard today, it might make sense for Unicode
and/or CLDR to adapt it for the emoji purposes we are discussing here.
But there isn't.

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