Adding RAINBOW FLAG to Unicode (Fwd: Representing Additional Types of Flags)

Doug Ewell doug at
Wed Jul 1 11:45:25 CDT 2015

Noah Slater <nslater at tumbolia dot org> wrote:

> Can someone help me understand what this means for my rainbow flag
> proposal?

You may want to go back and read Ken Whistler's suggestion from Monday:

> I suggest that this thread about the RAINBOW FLAG be
> directed to the soon-to-be-posted Public Review Issue about extending
> the generative mechanisms for representing emoji symbols for flags,
> but that that feedback carefully consider how such an addition would
> coexist with other mechanisms for extensions of flag representation
> *and* how it could be reasonably limited to one instead of 28 (... or
> 500) more flags.

I posted feedback yesterday on this PRI that was intended to be
consistent with what Ken wrote:

> Any proposal to extend the mechanism to cover the many other types of
> flags -- for historical regions, NGOs, maritime, sports, or social or
> political causes -- must be systematic and well-planned, not ad-hoc or
> haphazard, to assure interoperability and extensibility.

In other words, to the extent you wish to pursue encoding the rainbow
flag as a flag-tag sequence, I suggest this is part of a broader problem
space (how to encode flags for non-geopolitical entities) and requires a
broader solution that can apply to any arbitrary number of such flags.

In other, other words, something like "[flag]LGBT" should be a

If you are still suggesting a single character, this thread doesn't
affect that suggestion at all.

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