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Well, I also frequently have to type with the left-hand only, even if I am
right-handed ! my right hand is for the mouse and I'd like to avoid loosng
the mouse just to type a few characters or words, such as when filling or
correcting a web form where I need the mouse to click the item to edit.

Then the most used keys will be on the wrong side...

Dvoak keyboards (have not really addressed this issue, it was ONLY for
typing faster with two hands and all fingers, and very few users can do
that and they are sufficiently traiend with existing QWERTY/AZERTY/QWERTZ
or ABCD keyboards for not having to sitch to another layout where their
typing speed will be MUCH slower, always looking for keys for a long time;
Dvorak keyboards are then only for the youngest typists that have never
typed on other keyboards)

Note that today many young people first learn to type on the numeric
keyboard of their smartphone, with help of a dictionary predictor to avoid
repeating keys or using long presses... They can't even type efficiently on

2015-01-26 20:43 GMT+01:00 Clive Hohberger <cph13 at>:

> Robert,
> I certainly agree with Philip about typing with a cat on my lap! I use
> "one hand for the cat, one for the mouse"...
> What I don't understand in the right hand layout is the placement of the
> letter P. Given the English letter frequency  ETAOIN SHRDLU, the letter T,
> N, or S would make more sense. Putting T and N in the same row  with E, A
> O, and moving P and U  would minimize row changing in typing English.
> An obvious idea to me if you really want a 1 handed keyboard for languages
>  is ETAOIN <,> in the Home Row and SHRDLU<.> above it, and the remaining
> consonants below  or to the left of the upper 2 rows of characters.
> Also, my life would be easier if you had dyad keys, such as <TH> or <ES>
> or <ED>. Again, look at the dyad frequenecy maps, but I suggest you try
> minimize row changing during single words as much as possible.
> - - -
> On a side note, since I am progressively losing the use of my outer
> fingers to osteoarthritis, Dragon 13.5 is a far better solution for me than
> a new keyboard.
> Thanks for the stimulus.
> Clive
> On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 11:36 AM, Philippe Verdy <verdy_p at>
> wrote:
>> Very strange layout of the bottom row.
>> Note that if your layout is visiblly otimized for the right hand (mostly
>> for those that use only one hand to type; so that the left part contains
>> only the least used keys),
>> I doubt that this really works well for typing just with one hand: those
>> same users will also not use more than two fingers and the 5th finger (to
>> the rightmost part of the keyboard) will still be hard to type.
>> I dont understnd the nwhy you placed punctuations mixed beteen letters on
>> the left part and the media row, I would have kept them to the rightmost
>> part (colon/semicolon key, and single/double quotes key.
>> Now if users will try to use both hands, then your left/right separation
>> does not work so well
>> And the letter C is evidently badly placed, more difficult to reach than
>> the letters J Z V B (for English this C keys at least should be shifted
>> to the middle; where it would also be more accessible for one-hand typists,
>> or one-finger typists)
>> 2015-01-25 22:54 GMT+01:00 Robert Wheelock <rwhlk142 at>:
>>> Hello!
>>> I came up with a BRAND-NEW keyboard layout designed to make typing
>>> easier——named the IEAOU (ee-eh-ah-oh-oo) System—based on letter frequencies.
>>> The letters in the new IEAOU layout are arranged as follows:
>>> (TOP):  Digits / Punctuation / Accents
>>> (MEDIAL):  Q Y <:|;> W <"|'> L N D T S H <+|=> <\|!>
>>> (HOME):  X K G F <´|`> P I E A O U
>>> (BOTTOM):  C J Z V B M R <<|,> <>|.> <?|/>
>>> Please respond to air what you’d think of it.  Thank You!
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