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Mon Jan 26 07:18:01 CST 2015

Indeed, Dvorak distributes the home row burden across both hands, vowels
on left most common consonants on right.

Also, there are one-handed variations of Dvorak for both left and right
hands, but unlike the proposal below the main hand¹s home row is centered
on the keyboard.

I too am a happy Dvorak user, for 16 years.

Joel Kalvesmaki
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On 1/25/15, 8:22 PM, "Martin J. Dürst" <duerst at> wrote:

>What's better on this keyboard when compared to the Dvorak layout?
>At first sight, it looks heavily right-handed, all the letters that the
>Dvorak keyboard has on the homerow are on the right hand.
>Regards,   Martin.
>P.S.: I'm a happy Dvorak user.
>On 2015/01/26 06:54, Robert Wheelock wrote:
>> Hello!
>> I came up with a BRAND-NEW keyboard layout designed to make typing
>> easier‹‹named the IEAOU (ee-eh-ah-oh-oo) System‹based on letter
>> The letters in the new IEAOU layout are arranged as follows:
>> (TOP):  Digits / Punctuation / Accents
>> (MEDIAL):  Q Y <:|;> W <"|'> L N D T S H <+|=> <\|!>
>> (HOME):  X K G F <´|`> P I E A O U
>> (BOTTOM):  C J Z V B M R <<|,> <>|.> <?|/>
>> Please respond to air what you¹d think of it.  Thank You!
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