Unicode 7.0 Paperback Available

Philippe Verdy verdy_p at wanadoo.fr
Sat Jan 17 16:04:17 CST 2015

Could then Unicode create an alternate edition with Amazon Publishing ?
(may be at a different cost, possibly different paper format if you want to
keep the same commercial margins).
It would be available in electronic form (Kindle and its apps for Android
and iOS) and paperback; and really available worldwide at reasonnable price
and shipping costs with many payment and delivery options. And it could be
sold as well in other traditional bookseller shops.

Does Amazon require some preprint volumes to be paid first and require to
pay additonal fees for maintaining stocks; or does Amazon offer an option
for print-on-demand for small volumes ?

How does ISO handle its own (costly) publications (shipped from
Switzerland) ?

Can a national public library contract with Unicode to create their own
edition and distribution ?
Or does Unicode want a direct control on sales with customers? Or does it
have an exclusive publishing contract with Lulu ? Exclusive in US only or

2015-01-17 21:46 GMT+01:00 Raymond Mercier <raymond at almanach.co.uk>:

>   Well why not print a good clean copy with Acrobat and a high quality
> printer, and do the rest of the volume printing as camera-ready ? I have
> had complex texts published that way.
> R.
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