Unicode 7.0 Paperback Available

Raymond Mercier raymond at almanach.co.uk
Sat Jan 17 12:35:33 CST 2015

Thanks. Indeed I am surprised that a publisher cannot get results as clean and reliable as I do when printing from Acrobat.

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even though the source is PDF, the nature of the fonts used for the charts makes this extremely challenging for the printers. Experiments run by some volunteers have determined that you can expect very inconsistent results, because the way these printing services and their contractors handle PDF is just not the same as when you use Acrobat or some browser plug-in to view them on screen.

You may find this a surprising state of affairs, but those are the facts on the ground. It was found that even the same service may get you different results for each order. And by different, I mean, with different discrepancies from the desired output.

These services apparently subcontract with a number of printing presses, all of which may have different software.


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