[Probably off-topic] Mobile telephone numbers and next of kin contact

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Please don't do this.

On Sat, Feb 21, 2015 at 1:46 PM, William_J_G Overington
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> [Probably off-topic] Mobile telephone numbers and next of kin contact./
> This is probably off-topic but in view of the fact that there may well be
> people on this list who are working in telecommunications companies and/or
> are on appropriate standards committees or have contacts who are, perhaps
> readers will not mind.
> I have identified a problem that could perhaps be solved, or maybe just
> greatly reduced, with an addition to the documentation that accompanies a
> new mobile telephone, perhaps with wording on an industry standard basis
> next to where the telephone number of the device is stated.
> Here is the problem.
> A person H has as next of kin a person J, who lives at a different address.
> J has provided H with his or her mobile telephone number and H has recorded
> the number into his or her own medical record.
> One day, for whatever reason, J changes his or her mobile telephone and has
> a new number.
> J is busy and it just does not occur to J to inform H of the changed number.
> Time passes.
> One day, H is taken ill and medical staff try to contact J using the mobile
> telephone number that is in the medical record of H.
> The medical staff cannot contact J and maybe the call reaches someone else
> from another family if enough time has passed and J's old number has been
> reassigned from the list of discontinued-use numbers.
> So, it could help if every new mobile telephone were to carry a printed
> message next to where the telephone number of the device is stated, such as
> the following.
> If you are the next of kin of someone, please remember to inform him or her
> of this new telephone number and mention that he or she needs to have it
> added into his or her medical record.
> Lots of people might make such a notification anyway, but some people may
> not and there seems no way to know how big is the problem of out-dated
> contact information in medical records around the world.
> William Overington
> 21 February 2015
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