Unicode block for programming related symbols and codepoints?

Pierpaolo Bernardi olopierpa at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 16:54:11 CST 2015

On Sun, Feb 8, 2015 at 11:27 PM, Alfred Zett <alfred_z at web.de> wrote:

> That was exactly my thought, so I figured it couldn't harm to have these

>> a Tab is exactly what you described.
> No. It's only half of what I described.
> It's still a typographical character that implies whitespace and may appear
> everywhere in the text.

How would your proposed character be displayed as plain text?

>>> - A codepoint for string literal quotes, that would spare one the
>>> escaping.
>> How would this work exactly?
> Imagine you type " in your IDE, but because your IDE does know that this new
> programming language requires this special character as literal token, it
> replaces it with a special looking quotation mark.

Unicode is a standard for plain text.  If you require a special IDE
for your programming language then why use plain text at all?

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