Re: Proposal for German capital letter "ß"

Hans Meiser brille1 at
Thu Dec 10 04:13:38 CST 2015

Actually, MS Word offers an option to keep or drop accents when converting lower case to upper case in its spell checker options. I comprehend to the Turkish translation. They've got two different letter "i", one with and one without the dot ("ı"). But that's all not pointing to the direction of what I'm up to.

I'm not suggesting to change the Unicode table. The table is fine.

What I'm suggesting is to change the glyph (the rendered outcome) to something that's resembling two capital letters "S".

Here's a hyperlink to an image depicting of what I'm suggesting:

So, no matter whether the glyph will change - the rules and algorithms will be retained.

It's quite like Richard (Wordingham) wrote yesterday: "It's a font decision, not a Unicode decision". Yet, Unicode needs to lead the way so font designers may then amend their fonts accordingly.

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