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On 28 Aug 2015 at 01:19, Richard Wordingham  wrote:

> I may have scared them into
> silence by noting that people changing code because of one particular
> *new* sentence in Section 23.2, namely:
> > > P2S4: Note in particular that the word joiner is ignored for word
> > > segmentation.
> are at risk (but see below) of putting themselves in breach of the UK's
> 'Equality Act 2010'; more generally, they may be in breach of
> transpositions of the EU Racial Equality Directive (2000/43/EC). You
> don't need to have racialist intentions to be in breach.

> so I can read
> Section 23.2 as saying that ZWNBSP can be used to mark word boundaries
> whereas WJ cannot. Reading the standard this way would probably protect
> the writers of text editors (including word processors) from the
> European legislation against indirect discrimination.

Thatʼs awesome!

So when I have the ordinal indicators both on *one* key because I need the A and O for German precomposed, and have the º in the Base shift state and the ª in the Shift shift state (because the primary locale is French, which does use º but not ª, and BTW the ñÑ is on N, too), may I be accused of discrimination? If so, I must remove the ordinal indicators from the [I] key and have them in Compose only (Compose, a, _; Compose, o, _).

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