Custom keyboard source samples (was: Re: Windows keyboard restrictions)

Marcel Schneider charupdate at
Thu Aug 20 10:33:30 CDT 2015

On 18 Aug 2015 at 10:09, Philippe Verdy  wrote:

> i don't know why these c source files need to be deleted so fast when they could just remain in the same folder as the saved.klc file.

Iʼve missed the point when I replied on 18 Aug 2015. In fact, thereʼs no short answer (which BTW would be “Thereʼs no use of ʼem”). 
The point is: Why (the heck) are the C source folders stored in the hidden AppData Temp directory instead of appearing in the most straightforward place? 
(Which is, as Philippe notes, the same folder as the saved .klc file.)

We could even extend and ask: 
Why is there no option “◎ Keep the C sources  ◎ Delete the C sources”? 
Why are there no menu items “Generate C source” and “Build from C source”, or an option “◎ Build from KLC source  ◎ Build from C source”? 
Thatʼs what Iʼve wished to find in the MSKLC when I learned about. 
Figure that, before, I not even imagined that such sources could ever exist.

No, we must not disturb the author of MSKLC, we can answer for ourselves. And then weʼll probably fall back on what I wrote the day before yesterday.

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