APL Under-bar Characters

Neil Harris neil at tonal.clara.co.uk
Mon Aug 17 13:02:50 CDT 2015

On 17/08/15 17:23, Doug Ewell wrote:
> In that case, despite the text in Section 22.7 that Ken quoted, it seems
> that U+0331 COMBINING MACRON might be a better choice for APL
> "underlined letters" than U+0332 COMBINING LOW LINE. Compare A̱ḆC̱
> with A̲B̲C̲, noting that your font and rendering engine mileage may
> vary.
> "Voting again" to change one of the basic rules of Unicode, on the basis
> that "perhaps feelings about the under-bar characters have changed since
> then," is not expected to be an option, as David said.

Doug is right. One small correction: U+0331 is COMBINING MACRON BELOW, 

Wikipedia has an excellent article on this topic:


-- Neil

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