Implementing SMP on a UTF-16 OS

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I’m no expert on driver development, but Max’s comments got me curious.

“Windows Driver Kit (WDK) 10 is integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015…”

“In Visual Studio 2015, the C++ compiler and standard library have been updated with enhanced support for C++11 and initial support for certain C++14 features. They also include preliminary support for certain features expected to be in the C++17 standard.”

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> This is clearly a Unicode implementation problem. C and C++ should be standardized for handling of UTF-16. IMO we cannot consider that Windows supports UTF-16 for internal use, if it does not support surrogates pairs except with workarounds using ligatures.

C and C++ *are* "standardized for handling of UTF-16"... and UTF-8... and UTF-32.
If you are interested in this topic just search for "C++ Unicode string literals" and "C++ Unicode character literals" which are standardized since C11/C++11 (with the exception of UTF-8 character literals which will follow in C++11; don't know about C though).
The reason you won't be able to easily use these features is because the compiler shipping with the WDK is still only supporting C89/C90. And sadly for us driver developers Microsoft will not change this.
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