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Marcel Schneider charupdate at
Tue Aug 11 13:49:08 CDT 2015

I should not bring more explanations about a behavior of mine that has been identified as inappropriate. However, in this particular circumstance, Iʼd like to outline briefly why I banged my e-mails:
1 - I observed that at normal priority, an e-mail takes much more time until it is received.
2 - As often I take much time and pain to make accurate e-mails, I looked for a way to get the addressee at least take a glance among the mass of e-mails that is said to be constantly received.
3 - When Iʼd e-mailed to the List while forgetting to set the bang, I thought, “argh, I hope the addressees wonʼt take notice that I made a difference in treatment.”

Thanks to the Unicode Mailing List, I now learned that an e-mail is better viewed when the prioritization tool hadnʼt been used. Thatʼs very useful and Iʼd like to personally thank Peter for having taken the initiative of preventing me, as well as dzo and Erkki for having answered in this thread.

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