Standardised Encoding of Text

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Sun Aug 9 08:58:11 CDT 2015

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"Erkki I Kolehmainen" <eik at> wrote:

> Sorry, but I find myself having a serious problem in understanding
> what this is about.

In some cases the TUS lays down in detail the order of characters and
their interpretation.  While Europeans have canonical combining classes
to standardise the order of combining marks, lesser breeds tend not to
receive them.  It gets even worse when combining marks are defined by
the combination of control character(s) and what appears to be a base
character.  For example, the order for the Khmer script was laid
down in great detail.  Similarly, the order for Burmese was laid out in
great detail.  However, as support for other languages was added to
the 'Myanmar' script, the ordering rules to cover the new characters
were not promptly laid down.

So the question is, how does one rectify the situation where the text
in the Unicode Standard for a script is woefully inadequate.


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