Windows keyboard restrictions

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Aug 6 17:31:57 CDT 2015

Richard Wordingham <richard dot wordingham at ntlworld dot com> wrote:

> It's part of an unencoded, living script. There is no suitable
> contiguous place for the script in the BMP. There is a set of
> characters within the script that appear to be sequences of three
> characters, and encoding these characters as single elements almost
> makes about as much sense as encoding English <wh> on the basis that
> it represents the sound [hw], not the sound [wh]. Several of the
> sequences of three characters occur in the region's language of high
> culture and religion, which apparently is also written in the script.
If this is about murmured consonants in Newa, the arguments presented in
L2/14-281, both for and against, seem more relevant than whether a
cluster of three SMP characters can fit on a single key in a Windows
keyboard layout.

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