Emoji characters for food allergens

Marcel Schneider charupdate at orange.fr
Thu Aug 6 15:59:20 CDT 2015

I believe that standardizing A numbers for allergens, as Mr Overington suggests commenting the interesting blog post he's sharing, is an excellent idea.


I think so because these numbers be added to the names, this would be even better than the E numbers, behind which often the additives are hidden, some of which have long-time harmful effects, and the continuous consumption of most of which causes overall health issues. 


Consequently, there are good solutions on-going, so that the support Unicode cannot safely provide, will be replaced.


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> Please may I draw to your attention the following blog post.
> http://www.michellesblog.co.uk/emoji-ing-food-allergens/
> The blog is by the same lady that runs the following website, a specialist website about food allergens and freefrom food..
> http://www.foodsmatter.com/
> William Overington
> 6 August 2015
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