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On 9/19/2014 5:38 PM, Whistler, Ken wrote:
> Michael,
>> "Declines to take action” is pretty thin.
> A proposal which is declined by the UTC doesn't automatically
> create an obligation to write an extended dissertation explaining
> the rationale and putting that rationale on record. It might be
> one thing if there were a lot of controversy involved, and one
> group of participants asked for a rationale to be recorded,
> despite not having a consensus to move on something -- but
> this one wasn't even close. Nobody in the committee felt
> encoding was justified in this case.
> And not every mark on paper -- not even every mark *printed*
> in typeset material on paper -- is automatically an obvious
> candidate for encoding with a simple, plain text character
> representation.

True, but a rationale (note that's not necessarily a dissertation) never 

"Declines to take action” may look like it is equivalent to "Nobody in the committee felt
encoding was justified in this case", but it really isn't. The former allows for all sorts of non-substantive reasons, but the latter is pretty clear: the submitter failed to make the case.

What you are looking for is something equivalent to "summary dismissal" of a legal action, but even there this usually gets some rationale or it has the benefit of a standardized legal principle (don't know for a fact, but sounds plausible).

> --Ken
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