Proposals for Arabic honorifics

Naz Gassiep naz at
Thu Oct 9 06:41:01 CDT 2014

Hi there,
I was wondering how I can help on a particular issue.

Currently, the Unicode spec has two Arabic honorifics, being U+FDFA and 
U+FDFB. There are also miscellaneous other phrases and formal marks. 
When authoring documents, I use the two (U+FDFA and U+FDFB) and then 
write out the various others that are needed in full manually. This 
leads to an inconsistent looking document, and my inner perfectionist 
grimaces every time.

I note that there are proposals to add a wider range of Arabic 
honorifics as are commonly used. Proposals L2/14-147 and L2/14-152 would 
add a wide range of honorifics that are used extensively in texts that 
contain Arabic names of historical significance. The proposals do 
contain some examples, however I could provide more extensive examples 
in historical and contemporary texts. I have some experience using these 
characters and phrases, and would greatly like to see them included in 
the spec.

Is there any way that I can help this process by providing examples of 
the real world usage of these honorifics and the frequency with which 
they are used? I would like to see these characters included not only to 
ease publication of Arabic material, but also to provide consistency in 
the way that these class of phrases are handled.

Best regards,
- Naz.

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