The rapid evolution of a wordless tongue

Mark Davis ☕️ mark at
Mon Nov 17 01:35:57 CST 2014

A more extended article from NY Magazine about the growing usage of emoji,
and the ways in which that usage is developing. Has a quote from Peter
Constable and (indirect) reference to +Steven R. Loomis.

 “IT’S EASY TO DISMISS EMOJI. They are, at first glance, ridiculous. They
are a small invasive cartoon army of faces and vehicles and flags and food
and symbols trying to topple the millennia-long reign of words. Emoji are
intended to illustrate, or in some cases replace altogether, the words we
send each other digitally, whether in a text message, email, or tweet.
Taken together, emoji look like the electronic equivalent of those puffy
stickers tweens used to ornament their Trapper Keepers. And yet...”
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