[OT] Re: Looking for a standard on historical countries

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Sat Nov 1 15:42:41 CDT 2014

Philippe Verdy wrote:

> Attention ! You've only isted the catalog entry, but not the actua
> reference
> http://www.boutique.afnor.org/norme/xp-z44-002/code-pour-la-representation-des-noms-de-pays-historiques/article/748631/fa046190

It was a start. Your reference is clearly better.

> Which gives information about context of use (mainly for bibliographic
> purpose, not for linguistic/terminologic purpose)

I don't think Jörg specified the exact purpose to which he wanted to 
apply this information.

> and with a limited timeframe (starting from 1815 up to but excluding
> current countries encoced in ISO 3166-1 and their divisions).

Jörg said, "anything going beyond 1974 (ISO 3166-3) will be better than 
nothing." 1815 qualifies.

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