Preliminary inquiry: Sigla for James Joyce's Finnegans Wake

catherine butler crmb211 at
Fri May 9 12:45:51 CDT 2014

"What is needed is an authoritative and complete inventory of these, 
using *images* from the works and notes to show their shapes (and a few 
images to document that they are indeed part of running text)."

I don't have access to the manuscript facsimiles this would require.  There's a few page-images around the Web, but no more than 20 handwritten variants of the most basic sigla.

Since the top scholars still haven't resolved the exact shapes, but all agree on the identities being indicated (man, woman, etc), could the Unicode leave the exact shapes up to future debate, but set aside some two-dozen slots using Joyce's own verbal designations? (HCE, ALP, Shem, Shaun, Issy, etc)

(Also: I can photograph the published variants, but where do I post them?)

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