Guillements in Email

Steffen Nurpmeso sdaoden at
Fri May 2 15:33:50 CDT 2014

Sorry for not replying in the thread, and jumping in general, i'm
currently «jolly well fed up» of dealing with mail, but...

Philippe Verdy wrote:
  |I do not criticize the fact of using quoted-printable; but the
  |fact that of NOT using it to preserve characters; based on an
  |arbitrary selection of characters

It is also thinkable that Google -- definitely capable of ESMTP
(RFC 1869) -- only falls back to QM or Base64 if the message would
otherwise not conform to the standard.
I.e., i'm thinking of line length issues here, which is not
unlikely given that today everybody composes in ...-based
textboxes, and 1000 bytes are reached pretty soon.


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