Pali in Thai Script

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Thu Mar 27 17:31:08 CDT 2014

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> On 28/03/2014, Ed Trager wrote: 
>> Besides the scripts you mention, there is also Tai Tham as Richard
>> mentioned
> Several un-encoded Mon and Shan scripts too - as well as other Indic scripts.
>> In theory, writing a utility to convert Pali written in any of those
>> scripts to any one of the other scripts should not be too difficult but ...
>> * Modern phonetically-based Lao lacks some of the traditional letters that
>> are still preserved in Thai and other scripts.
> Are there old Lao characters (once) used for writing Pāḷi?
> Even if there is not a 1 to 1 correspondence - as long as there is
> consistency in the way Pāḷi is written in each script - and you know
> you are dealing with Pāḷi and not another language written in that
> script, it should be possible.

What can I say with my experience from Garshuni, is that the rule is that there is no (strict) rules, and that the only consistency I saw in writing two related languages (Arabic and Syriac) 
is inconsistency.

So, imagine with an Indic and Asiatic languages.

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