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Fri Mar 21 05:13:11 CDT 2014

On 20 March 2014 16:43, Richard COOK <rscook at> wrote:
> Interesting, lists a few characters as "非unicode汉字", some repeatedly.
> ⿹气云 =氲!��
> ⿹气免 =冕
> ⿹气木 !�� # [U+2C1CF] Ext E
> ⿹气毛 !��
> One of these is in Ext E (from V-Source), but the other three seem not to be encoded.

The "Zhonghua Zihai" 《中华字海》 dictionary includes thousands of
characters not yet encoded in Unicode, and just under the 气 radical lists 24 not-in-Unicode characters from "Zhonghua Zihai",
of which 18 are not encoded or included in CJK-E:

⿰气刂 = U+520F 刏
⿹气木 = CJK-E U+2C1CF
⿹气电 = CJK-E U+2C1D0
⿺气朴 = CJK-E U+2C1D1
⿺气原 = CJK-E U+2C1D2
⿰⿱杳丂气 != U+20103 �� (⿰⿱杳丂乞)
⿹气達 = CJK-E U+2C1D3
⿰⿳⿻工昍日丂气 != U+2010B �� (⿰⿳⿻工昍日丂乞)

> Note that the structure may differ ...
> ⿹气X
> ⿺气X
> ⿱气X
> might all refer to the same abstract character ...

... but nevertheless would not be unified according to Annex S.


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