Editing Sinhala and Similar Scripts

Peter Constable petercon at microsoft.com
Wed Mar 19 09:57:35 CDT 2014

From: Unicode [mailto:unicode-bounces at unicode.org] On Behalf Of Doug Ewell

>>> When you backspace it destroys multiple keystrokes.

> There are two types of people:
> 1. those who fully expect Backspace to erase a single keystroke

It is nonsensical to talk about erasing a _keystroke_. That would be comparable to erasing a mouse click, or erasing a tap on a touch-sensitive device. These are user actions that may result in any number of machine states. Unless you can manage to build a time machine, at the time when the erasing is happening, there is no longer any record of what process might have been operating that responded to the user action or of what machine state was the result. 

All that is available to act on at that point are characters.


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