Dead and Compose keys (was: Re: Romanized Singhala got great reception in Sri Lanka)

Asmus Freytag asmusf at
Tue Mar 18 16:48:46 CDT 2014

On 3/18/2014 1:57 PM, Tom Gewecke wrote:
> On Mar 18, 2014, at 1:48 PM, Marc Durdin wrote:
>> Can anyone who is more knowledgeable in Unicode Sinhala tell me which 
>> is the correct rendering?   See graphic below.
>> <image002.png>
> The OS X version is the most correct according my limited knowledge of 
> the script.  I think the Apple font does not place the diacritic over 
> the second character correctly, it should be over the next one.  This 
> can be fixed by using the Bhashitha font.
I get the "OS X" appearance (or one that matches the "graphics" on Win7 
+ viewin in Thunderbird).
> Also it's possible that some of the characters should be "touching". 
>  I did not add the code  for that and don't think any of my current 
> fonts support it.
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