Romanized Singhala got great reception in Sri Lanka

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Typing methods are not a factor.  These are easily solved with modern input methods.  You are confusing encoding systems with input methods.

As I said previously, I am happy to assist you in creating a Unicode-based Romanized input method for Singhala, off list, that works exactly the way you want it to.  It’s an exciting process, especially that point when you discover how much more flexibility you get when you don’t design your encoding around a particular input method!  For example, you can create both a Romanized input method and a visual input method for the same encoding.


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When you backspace it destroys multiple keystrokes. Search and replace is not possible, at least the way do it with English. Typing is a nightmare.

There are special rules for making Unicode Singhala fonts. The keyboards have keys to type pieces of letters not in the code block.

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