CJK stroke order data: kRSUnicode v. kRSKangXi

Adam Nohejl adam at nohejl.name
Wed Mar 12 04:59:35 CDT 2014

Mr. Cook,

Thank you for all the information (and bringin Wenlin to my attention as well).

> Where a specific value attested in a specific Kangxi edition is missing from kRSUnicode, it would indeed be useful to add it,

Great to hear that.

> Since kRSUnicode is a Normative property, a formal proposal to modify that data is required, for review in WG2. I have added notes on the items you mention below, for consideration in that process, and in the meantime, if you identify any other issues, please bring them to our attention.

OK, I will prepare a more comprehensive list. Do you mean that you would submit such a formal proposal? Or can I submit it myself somehow?

> PS: About the subject line of your message.

Yes, of course, the subject should have read "CJK radical-stroke count data". Not one of my brightest moments, I guess...

Adam Nohejl

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