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Looking at the thread that William pointed at, the person asking for help gave no indication as to what problems he might have been encountering. Without specifics, the two obvious recommendations would be (i) encode the content using conformant UTF-8, and (ii) use conforming OpenType fonts leveraging CSS web font mechanisms.

Beyond that, that thread seemed not especially interesting.


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On 03/03/14 18:14, James Lin wrote:
> another problem you may need to consider is the support of the 
> glyph/fonts on your system.  Not all fonts are supported/install by 
> default when installing the OS.
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This is where webfonts should be extremely useful -- I believe recent versions of at least Firefox, and probably other modern browsers, should support both webfonts and text shaping for Indic scripts by default, whether or not the underlying platform has the correct fonts.


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