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Andrea Giammarchi andrea.giammarchi at
Sat Jun 28 12:33:17 CDT 2014

Dear all,
  this is my first email in this channel so apologies in advance if already

I am trying to understand the expected behavior when there an "unexpected
VS15" after emoji that have not been defined, accordingly with this file, as VS15 sensitive.

My take on FE0E is that all emoji that are sensible to this variant, have
an "emojified" counter part that should be used when followed by FE0F and
vice-versa a textual part when followed by FE0E, but all other emoji should
not consider such variant at all since there's no textual counter part to
represent, let's say, a 1F21A pile-of-poo


Can anyone please confirm my expectations are correct so that above
sequence in both Java or JavaScript will show the POP emoji regardless,
followed by FE0E variant that will be simply ignored and actually no
device/OS/render/viewer/browser would ever create such sequence so it's
actually a non problem, this one I am trying to solve?

Thanks in advance and Best Regards
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