Default case algorithms

Daniel Bünzli daniel.buenzli at
Mon Jun 23 20:31:52 CDT 2014


I don’t understand the rule specifications of default case conversion §3.13 p.117 of Unicode 6.2.0 [1] (which is what 7.0.0 eventually points to at the moment).

Specifically the sentence « as well as the context-dependent mappings based on the casing context, as specified in Table 3-14 ». This table just specifies casing contexts and there seem to be no normative property that specifies the context-dependent mappings (was apparently removed when UCD xml was created).  

So the question is, if I take a string an apply e.g. only the rule R1 as given, is that an implementation of default uppercase conversion ? or would that be a (context-independent) tailoring of the default uppercase conversion algorithm ? If that’s thte case it seems strange to have normative behaviours defined that have no supporting normative properties to implement them.

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