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Note really for localizing the punctuation operators...

Plus there are directionality issues with RTL scripts withing source text
Imagine this statement: "if (x < 0)" and then rename variable "x" and/or
keyword "if" to Arabic; do you test for negative or positive values?...

Do you want to include Bidi controls within all RTL variable names or
keywords? or make them ignorable in parsed source code?

Of add some leading #pragma to set the directionality of source code ?
(this cannot be made with macros, in fact you need compiler options to set
direction from the first character of source file, or use some custom
"magic" value to guess it with a pre-parsing of the first few lines, to
infer the correct interpretation, and probably the encoding too if it's not
UTF-8, to process a "#pgrama charset")

2014-06-07 19:07 GMT+02:00 Dominikus Dittes Scherkl <lyratelle at gmx.de>:

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> Am 05.06.2014 20:14, schrieb J. Leslie Turriff:
> >       All true; but do any languages allow for keywords (if, then, else,
> do, while,
> > until, end, iterate, leave, call return, exit,...) to be expressed in the
> > programmer's locale?
> Oh, in C++ with macros you can do about anything you want.
> I have a "deutsch.h" that allows you to use german keywords, even
> including umlauts like in "wähle" instead of "select".
> It simply replaces them by the english version before the code is compiled.
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