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   >   b) Arabic breaks between words. Some languages (such as Uyghur) 

   >   allow hyphenation, but most do not. 

Here is a resource that describes them: (page 10):

That PDF is completely broken and does not even show the various styles accurately.There was an explanation which is quoted. The examples were at:
Unfortunately the examples of hyphenation in this text are not very good; when I have more time before I have to leave the wifi I will look for another example. The one thing to note as far as I know is that when hyphenating Arabic script, whatever the language, you would show the letters in their connected shapes across the hyphen -- that's what I understand. Someone else correct me if it is not correct. I have only cited the above to make a point that if you mention how Arabic script might be justified, I do believe even text in the Arabic language can occasionally be hyphenated, especially maybe some of the old Q'urans (I really would appreciate feedback from Arabic native speakers though as I have had a little Arabic in school and research).  So maybe never say never in this case as there may be a point when old texts are brought online from .pdf s and digitized.
--C. E. Whiteheadcewcathar at> There are character encoding issues everywhere. It's impossible to understand the arguments > or definitions just by reading it under its existing form (which was apaprently produced by a > broken PDF generator, may be it was correct in the original editor format, possibly a Word or > OpenOffice document; but here it looks like if it was first exported to HTML with incorret > encodng prodocing tofu and mojibake, then reconverted as is.

> There's not any working example of text justification in it.
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