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Ilya Zakharevich nospam-abuse at
Sat Jul 26 19:22:08 CDT 2014

On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 09:26:21AM -0600, Doug Ewell wrote:
> It's a bit like the locale collections (CLDR is not alone here) that
> specify a single date format for an entire country, as if all
> Americans only ever write a short date as "m/dd/yy" and anyone who
> uses a different format is employing some sort of weird hybrid
> system. The presence of "m/dd/yy" in the locale collection appears
> normative and rigid, and is often implemented in software as though
> that were the intent, even if the data is meant to be descriptive
> and a first approximation.

Hmm…  So you think that the date format is not normative?

  [Based on a true story, © a few years ago]

So one comes from a transatlantic flight after non having sleep for
coupla days, and signs a lease with the end date in m/dd/yy format.
When leaving, it turns out that the German landlord wants an extra
month payment since in German format, this means one month later than
in American one.

Who do you think gets/loses $1000 here?

Hope this helps,

P.S.  Sorry, do not remember exact numbers in the dates.  It might
      have been that the confusion was of month/year, not of month/day. 

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