How to seet up a Unicode 7-aware OpenType features lookup table for your fonts

Christopher Fynn chris.fynn at
Wed Jul 9 22:48:43 CDT 2014


I suggest you subscribe to the OpenType mailing list  and ask your
questions there.

subscribe: opentype-subscribe at

good luck with this

- Chris

On 10/07/2014, Robert Wheelock <rwhlk142 at> wrote:
> Hello!
> I’ve been editing fonts with FontLab Studio for some time now, but HAVE NOT
> YET really delved into editing OpenType features lookup tables...
> (1)  How’d you start?  May I use FontLab Studio to do my OTF tables, or
> MUST I use VOLT?
> (2)  In a Unicode 7-capable OT font, what letter/accent and ligature
> combinations should I include?
> (3)  How should I use the 20 Stylistic Sets (ss01 through ss20) to my BEST
> advantage?
> (4)  What online resources are available to help me create suitable OTF
> lookup tables for my fonts?
> Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You!
> Robert Lloyd Wheelock
> Augusta, ME  U.S.A.

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