Questions on the Unicode BiDirectional (BIDI) Algorithm

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Jul 7 12:36:22 CDT 2014

Philippe Verdy <verdy underscore p at wanadoo dot fr> wrote:

>>> It just changes the direction behavior, it does not replace
>>> characters, except in the preference mode using "national digits".
>> It does not replace characters, period. There is no "preference mode"
>> in the UBA that replaces digits. The terms "preference mode" and
>> "national digits" do not appear in UAX #9.
> Yes, my sentence was incomplete. But such prefernece mode is
> implemented in common softwares (and without even needing UBA itself).

William asked specifically about the UBA, and cited a passage from the
UBA, and the Subject line of this thread refers to the UBA. To avoid
confusing him with unrelated information, my responses at least are
intentionally confined to the UBA.

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