Contrastive use of kratka and breve

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И with lunate breve is not a letter of the alphabet, the breve is just an
indication to the reader of the dictionary that the И in this particular
word is pronounced short. While there may be homographs that differ in
pronunciation only by the vowel length, the alphabet doesn't provide for
that distinction.


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> On Wed, 2 Jul 2014 13:08:42 -0700
> Leo Broukhis <leob at> wrote:
> > The difference is real and intentional, but isn't it akin to the
> > difference between (IIRC a discussion several years ago) the
> > Polish/Czech acute and the French acute - the former is more
> > vertical?
> Not really.  Look at the third entry at
> , where
> the two occur side-by-side.  Unification should depend on their being
> contextual variants or one another, and difficult in laying down rules
> is the justification for U+017F LATIN SMALL LETTER LONG S being a
> separate character.
> Richard.
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