Characters that should be displayed?

Koji Ishii kojiishi at
Tue Jul 1 00:55:00 CDT 2014

>> Thanks for the reply. It’s very likely that the page contains images, borders, background, etc., so I can recognize all the text are missing. But neither of text missing nor text garbled suggests me how to fix it. I’d try another browser, then give up viewing the page.
> If it didn't suggest how to fix it to you before today, it should
> suggest it to you today. If you get a bunch of fallback characters,
> your first guess should be font problems. Anyone using scripts with
> poor support, especially stuff stored in the PUA, will recognize right
> off when the text isn't displaying.

I agree it’s nice if it suggests. The point of disagreement is that fallback glyphs suggest nothing help to fix it to me, but apart from my personal opinion, your opinion is taken and will not be disregarded when the CSS WG discusses along with all others including agree and disagree.

Still looking for if there were any indication of security aspects of this issue. If not, the CSS WG might discuss this as a user issue.


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