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> > And I still don't handle some of the preprocessing needed
> > for some Indic scripts (includng Thai),...
> Are you aware that Thai can be handled by contractions?  Compared with
> how it might have been, Thai collation is extremely computer friendly.
I did not write anything here about contraction but only about

The "computer friendly" feautre of Thai is basically for its rendering (not
part of this topic), I'm not sure this is really true when discussing about
collations. Though as I said, I've not investigated time to test it in real
Only basic tests were performed (using some of the testcases listed in CLDR
data or in ICU, only for comparaison of results).

Also I absolutely don't care about compisite weights or fractional weights
used in ICU. For me these are implementation tricks and are irrelevant to
how a collator may work, they are one possible solution which in fact just
complicates the expression of problems to solve. There are the kind of
things that are (IMHO) overspecified only for documenting how ICU works.

(Note: I don't oppose ICU; but ICU is not universal and cannot be used
uniersally, even if it is integrated in more projects today).
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