Transforming BidiTest.txt to the format of BidiCharacterTest.txt

Whistler, Ken ken.whistler at
Wed Feb 12 13:09:33 CST 2014


The C version of the bidiref code does that, in part.

See the function br_ParseFileFormatB in brinput.c.

It doesn't actually *transform* the BidiTest.txt file to output the other format, but it
parses the input and then constructs calls into the bidi testing API in the same format
used when it parses BidiCharacterTest.txt. So you could adapt that code, if you
want, to writing out lines in the format of BidiCharacterTest.txt. The
main addition you would have to make would be to add a table of
characters exemplifying each of the bidi classes, so you could map
the bidi class values from BidiTest.txt back to actual code points to
store in BidiCharacterTest.txt format.


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> Does anybody have a program that transforms the UCD file BidiTest.txt to
> the format of BidiCharacterTest.txt, and that they are willing to share?
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