Unicode encoding policy

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Mon Dec 29 12:32:59 CST 2014

Asmus Freytag wrote:

> The "critical mass" of support is now assumed for currency symbols,
> some special symbols like emoji, and should be granted to additional
> types of symbols, punctuations and letters, whenever there is an
> "authority" that controls normative orthography or notation.
> Whether this is for an orthography reform in some country or addition
> to the standard math symbols supported by AMS journals, such external
> adoption can signify immediate "critical need" and "critical mass of
> option" for the relevant characters.

To me, it is remarkable that the "critical mass of support" argument 
that is applied, entirely appropriately, to new currency symbols 
(however misguided the motives for such might be) and math symbols and 
characters for people's names, is now also applied to BURRITO and 

But then, I remember when folks used to cite the WG2 "Principles and 
Procedures" document for examples of what was and was not a good 
candidate for encoding. That seems so long ago now.

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