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Leonardo Boiko leoboiko at
Thu Dec 18 05:42:13 CST 2014

For the record, the emoji selection issue is also affecting the Google
Talk/Hangouts web client, where U+2122 (trademark, ™), U+00AE (registered,
®), U+00A9 (copyright, ©), and U+2194 (left right arrow, ↔) seem to be
treated as emoji and displayed in funky blue:

There are probably more I haven't discovered.

2014-12-18 8:31 GMT-02:00 Andrea Giammarchi <andrea.giammarchi at>:
> Hello there,
>   I wonder if it's by accident that 00AE, 00A9, and 2122 are not listed as
> standard variant sensitive chars.
> OSX seems to threat them as such, so adding FE0F will force them to be an
> image, but I know there are few quirks in this behavior and I wonder if
> there should be an exception.
> Thanks for any clarification on this.
> Best Regards
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