Abstract emoji as applied modern art

Philippe Verdy verdy_p at wanadoo.fr
Thu Aug 21 13:27:29 CDT 2014

Out of scope of Unicode, Please stop inventing new things and posting them
heren that do not conform to the encoding rules: all encoded characters
need to demonstrate their acutal usage accessible to a sizeable community
(or expected to be used widely such as new currency symbols).

Emojis have been encoded because they are widely used (their graphical
aspect does not matter much, even their color, so you can expect
differences for example between their use in Google Hangouts, smartphones
under Android, Windows or iOS, instant messengers, email agents and
websites (the web is full of collections of emojis with various styles, and
users on some sites can also choose their preferred thematic collection for
the same emojis). Emojis have passed the test being abstract characters
because they convey the same meaning under these various styles. And most
importantly, they do not need special learning by users to understand them
in most cases, as they are explicit (in their context of use, which may
influence them, just like letters are contextually read and understood in
words or sentences).

What you propose is just personal "art" and artistis creations are out of
scope of Emojis, and your example glyphs have no usage except you, and are
unreadable except by you.
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