Combining classes of Hebrew accents

Maxim Iorsh iorsh at
Tue Aug 5 16:05:53 CDT 2014


I propose to change combining classes for certain Hebrew accents.

Presently, the Hebrew accents belong to one of the following classes: 220
(below), 222 (below right), 228 (above left), 230 (above). Accordingly, the
canonical ordering puts "below" accents before "below right" accents, for

Unfortunately, the resulting order is wrong. As Hebrew is a right-to-left
script, the accents which are located below the letter on the right should
go *before* accents which reside below the letter in the middle. The same
goes for accents above letters.

My proposal is to modify the combining class property as follows:

059A HEBREW ACCENT YETIV: ccc=219 "Below_Right_RTL"
05AD HEBREW ACCENT DEHI: ccc=219 "Below_Right_RTL"
05AE HEBREW ACCENT ZINOR: ccc=231 "Above_Left_RTL"

Alternatively, existing class 218 "Below_Left" could be assigned to 059A,
05AD and possibly renamed to "Below_Char_Start" or something similar, so
that it means "left" for LTR scripts and "right" for RTL scripts. The class
232 "Above_Right" could be assigned to 05AE and renamed accordingly.

Thank you,
 -- Maxim.

P. S. In a related note, does anybody know why Hebrew marks (05B0-05C7) are
assigned fixed combining classes? It looks like most of them would be
perfectly ok with 220 "Below" class, or other appropriate non-fixed classes.
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