Soft Hyphens in Complex and East Asian Scripts

Koji Ishii kojiishi at
Wed Apr 30 12:46:57 CDT 2014

> Are there any 'complex' or 'East Asian' scripts where U+00AD and U+200B
> have the same visual effect but are used for different semantics?  An
> obvious example would be for U+200B to mark word boundaries but for
> U+00AD to mark line break opportunities within a word.

Since Japanese and Chinese can break between any two characters (with some exceptions,) these scripts do not need either in their native text. Both are sometimes used in Latin text for the same purposes and visuals as they’re used in Latin.

Korean has U+00AD encoded in their legacy encoding, so they may have typographic rules for it, but I’m not very familiar with Korean. As far as I searched for KLREQ[1], I could not get a hit.


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