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Thu Apr 24 17:22:44 CDT 2014

On Apr 24, 2014, at 2:16 PM, Whistler, Ken wrote:

> Given the incredible level of interest shown on this list during
> the last week, I am glad that I can finally announce the publication
> of Bidi Brackets for Dummies:
Dear Dr. Ken, 

Thanks ever so much for that enlightening course in BFD. It is rather long, and I dozed off in the middle, but as soon as I woke up I thought to give you some important feedback.

I'd like to make one small suggestion (in addition to Markus' that you change the "r" to an "n" in the URL, which I have taken the liberty of doing above).

You are using "pair" not only as a noun in several places, but as a *singular* noun. For example:

>> And that tells you that U+005D is the pair for U+005B LEFT SQUARE BRACKET.

>> And that tells you that U+005B is the pair for U+005D RIGHT SQUARE BRACKET.

Maybe that pair of nominal singular "pair" usages is all of them. And maybe that's like "maths" in an earlier sentence.

>> It's probably something to do with maths, but it's a "bracket", anyway.

But, I'd think if you are going to use "pair" as a nominal singular, you might at least add a chapter on the subject. (And one on "maths" too, for that matter.)

However, it might be easier just to use the word "mate" instead. For example,

 "And that tells you that U+005D is the *mate* of U+005B LEFT SQUARE BRACKET."

But then, that may be a bit racy for the Unicode Censors ...

> I had wanted to publish that several weeks ago, but unfortunately,
> publication was held up for more than three weeks while I
> struggled to get the document past the Unicode Censors!
... so perhaps just say ...

 "And that tells you that U+005D matches U+005B LEFT SQUARE BRACKET."

... or something like that, to avoid suggestively suggesting that these BFD things are actually, ahem, re-productive.

> Enjoy.
Yes, thanks!


> --Ken
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