Do 'Grapheme_Extend' characters only apply to 'Grapheme_Base'?

Doug Ewell doug at
Thu Apr 24 14:25:42 CDT 2014

Mathias Bynens <mathias at qiwi dot be> wrote:

> Let's say I'm writing a program that strips combining characters and
> grapheme extenders from an input string.
> For combining marks, I'm looking for any non-combining marks (e.g.
> 'a') followed by one or more combining marks (e.g. ' ̃'), and then I
> remove everything but the non-combining mark (e.g. leaving only 'a').
> Is this a correct approach?

It's entirely up to you. This is a rather unusual thing to want to do
with text. Fr mn lnggs, t wld b qvlnt t strppng ll vwls t f th txt.

Doug Ewell | Thornton, CO, USA | @DougEwell

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