The application of localized read-out labels

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Mon Apr 21 07:34:38 CDT 2014

Doug Ewell <doug at> wrote:

> It's labeled prominently as a "thought experiment," which means there is no expectation that anyone will implement the format or software which reads it, only think about what would happen if it were implemented.

Well, it states as follows.


This is a thought experiment at present.

Automated localization would be by having a file readouts.dat available. In the thought experiment the file is a UTF-16 text file, such as can be saved from the WordPad program by selecting saving as a Unicode Text Document.

end quote

My reason for putting "This is a thought experiment at present." was that the format has not been tested by me in practical application and is only theoretically based at the present time, yet I am hoping that the situation may change and that the format might become implemented in practice by someone and become widely used; or maybe that the publication of the format will act as a catalyst to someone publishing a format that is accepted, so that the end result of a standardized format is achieved.

> I actually read through the document, 18-point body type and all, before noticing this key point.

Thank you for reading through the document.


William Overington

21 April 2014

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