The application of localized read-out labels

William_J_G Overington wjgo_10009 at
Wed Apr 16 06:04:07 CDT 2014

> William, the UTC is not in the business of creating file formats for localization data.

> Peter

Thank you for replying.

Feeling that a format for the particular application is important I have now produced a format myself and published it.

Please find a copy attached.

Posting the publication as an attachment here will also hopefully place it in the mailing list archives for long-term availability.

I have also sent a copy to the British Library for Legal Deposit.

The publication has the following title.

The format of the readouts.dat file suggested for possible use in the application of localized read-out labels

The file has the following file name.


William Overington

16 April 2014
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